• Ancient Coins are affordable!

    Ancient coins are surprisingly affordable. There are countless varieties of coins available to suit a budget for everyone. From common late Roman coins which can be found for well under $100, to beautiful statements of creativity from the Period of Fine Art of Ancient Greece which can be worth many thousands of dollars.

    For collectors of modern coins, you can instantly make the switch to ancient coins and you would unlikely feel any difference in your pocket. When you can buy a coin minted 2000 years ago for less than what you would pay for a current year's proof set of your country's coins, I think it is fair to say that it spells incredible value.

  • Brush up on your history

    Collecting ancient coins beats the museum. You cannot touch anything in a museum. When you invest in a collection of coins, you are acquiring knowledge: about the region the coin is from, the emperors and rulers of its day, the ancient inscriptions on its faces, the historical events and beliefs inspiring its vivid images and strange symbols.

  • An investment for future generations

    Why hand down boring heirlooms to your children. Would you not rather gift your children something that will be appreciated rather than end up on a dusty shelf awaiting the arrival of another generation? Watch your children's eyes light up when you show them an ancient coin and tell them it came from thousands of years ago.

  • An interesting conversation

    Most people stare at me in disbelief when I tell them I collect ancient coins. They think I am having them on when I tell them I have a coin of Alexander the Great, or Julius Caesar. Surely it is not real, they say. That disbelief soon turns into intense curiosity when I tell them that contrary to public perception, Authentic ancient coins are in fact very accessible to ordinary people like you and me.

  • Starting a collection is easy

    A single coin is all it takes to begin a collection. A small step to take towards an lifelong enriching pastime.

    Browse our collection without any obligation for ideas.

    If you do not know where to start, feel free can contact me for ideas.

    All coins come with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.