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Customer Testimonials

I'm very glad I ordered from Ancient Coin Traders. I had an immediate response to my query on the Constantine coin with ongoing regular email updates as it made it's way to me. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly it arrived given I live in a rural area. The coin itself is in fantastic condition with the markings clearly visible. The detailed certificate of authenticity really highlights the uniqueness of this piece. I would absolutely shop here again.
Written by RS on 06/11/2019.
Great communication, fast dispatch. Very happy with the coins.
Written by LB on 06/08/2019.
Thank you Peter...for your excellent service and knowledge of ancient coins. Very pleased with coin and cert of authenticity, a great addition to my collection. Your site has a very good selection of ancient coins....highly recommended
Written by V. Demetriou on 05/23/2019.
The collecting of ancient coins was a happy discovery, which coincided with a thirst for knowledge of my ancestry dating back to the origins of the roman republic and further around 700 bc and on through to about 500 ad of the empire. I am now beginning to gather a number of specific family minted Triumph and Consular coins from this period in history, and wish to thank Ancient Coin Traders for their assistance in locating these specific coins
Written by Marcus on 05/22/2019.
Great service and coin as advertised.

Definitely on my list for future purchases.
Written by Murray H. on 05/16/2019.
Peter was fantastic to deal with in every aspect. Purchased a 151AD Roman coin for my history buff daughter as a birthday present. She absolutely loved it. Highly recommend . Thanks again Adin
Written by Adin L. on 05/10/2019.
Excellent site and service, speedy dispatch and thoroughly satisfied with my purchase on arrival. Highly recommended!
Written by Anthony O. on 05/09/2019.
Good service and processing item, Coin was perfect as described. Excellent collector value. Peter is a professional you can ask anything and if you are looking for something specific just get in touch with him and he'll be glad to help you.
Written by S. Deschamps on 05/09/2019.
Very happy with the whole process.
Written by Ray W. on 05/09/2019.
Very pleased with this coin. Fast shipping and the coin was very good wrapped up. I bought several coins from this dealer. Highly recommended!
Written by A. Hartman on 05/09/2019.
Spectacular and attentive service. Wonderful coin. One of the best retailers (not just in numismatics) I have ever done business with.
Written by Lee V. on 01/16/2019.
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