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Customer Testimonials

Thank you for the fast processing of my purchase item. When the coin arrived it came with a certificate of authenticity which showed the sources used to research the coin. Overall I am very impressed with the coin and also the stock of Ancient Coin Traders. Thank you!

Written by Rhys R. on 07/02/2020.

I bought the coin as a birthday present for my girlfriend, looking forward to seeing her reaction. Really good service from Mr Piliouras also.

Written by Tim S on 06/25/2020.

The coin I purchased is awesome and arrived very quickly! I would recommend Ancient Coin Traders to everyone!

Written by Matthew M. on 06/24/2020.

Could not be more happy with the service provided by Peter. Quick delivery times, great customer service and great products that come with interesting fact sheets to go along with your coins.

Written by K. Mcwilliams on 05/18/2020.

Thank you Peter. My coin arrived very quickly. I would recommend this business to everyone who loves ancient coins. I will definitely be purchasing from here again.

Written by Matthew M. on 05/14/2020.

Thank you so much to Peter. The coin came faster than I could imagine. I will recommend this service to everyone.

Written by Chris on 05/01/2020.

Thank you Peter for the speedy delivery of these lovely coins. It was a pleasure to visit your website and admire the extensive researched information and selection of special areas of interest, amongst which i was lucky to have found my little gems. Much appreciated. MS

Written by Marte S. on 12/02/2019.

I was very impressed with the coins I purchased from Ancient Coin Traders. They came as described/pictured, safely packaged, and will all relevant authenticity. Peter also communicated in an efficient and effective manner, making sure I was kept up to date with the order status/progression. I highly recommend using Ancient Coin Traders, and I am already planning on purchasing more from them in the future.

Written by Ned Connolly on 10/21/2019.

Thank you Ancient Coin Traders. Fast, efficient service and a great product. I look forward to returning to your site again soon.

Written by Craig R. from Byron Bay on 09/27/2019.

Peter was very helpful and the coin arrived promptly by Express Post. Very satisfied with the service!

Written by Judith S. on 08/29/2019.

I am stocked with this product The product came in 3 business days which was promised and boy was I impressed with what I got. The coin came in a small little plastic sleeve with a small piece of paper with all of the coins facts and it's origins which was a pleasant surprise. It also came with a piece of A4 paper again stating all of the coins facts, origins and a little paragraph of who is on the coin and below that was signed by a licensed historian which states it is an authentic piece. In my eyes to own a piece of history even as small as a silver coin is breath taking beyond belief and better yet to get it in 3 days with a good price. I cannot recommend this company enough. Thank you

Written by Jared F. on 08/29/2019.

This service was very efficient, my oder arriving in under a week and in perfect condition. The collector is extraordinarily kind, answering any questions I had through email quickly, assuredly and informatively. I would really recommend buying from this site as not only is it reasonably cheap but also provides amazing service and credible information (and once again I cannot stress enough the goodwill and helpfulness of the collector), 100/5 stars for sure.

Written by Alison H. on 08/02/2019.
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