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Selling Your Ancient Coins

We are looking to buy your ancient coins and antiquities

We buy ancient coins and antiquities, including hoards, metal detectorist finds, entire collections or single coins.

Contact us if you are looking to sell your collection. Please send us the following with any request to consider acquiring your coins:

  • Photos (mandatory), which show each side of the coins clearly. If you have many coins you wish to sell, then photos of your coins in large groups may suffice initially
  • Provenance information (highly desirable, where available), including prior ownership of the coins i.e. where and from whom you bought them; and who previously sold them.
  • Attributions (highly desirable, where available) of your coins is very helpful. If you bought your coins from a dealer or at auction, then you should have at least some information on your coins.

Selling to us will save you the cost, time and expense in consigning your coins to an auction house or to other dealers. Dealers will expect to pay well below market for a coin in order to make a margin. As we are collectors first and a dealer second, we may be able to offer you more than a typical dealer for coins which especially interest us. Consigning can takes a long time and in the case of major auction firms, sometimes months, or longer, to get your money. If you are interested in consigning to us, then we will consider it for high-value coins and subject always to a consignment fee.

We will pay a premium for pedigreed coins, especially those from published hoards, coins listed in standard references; or illustrated as plate coins; and coins from notable public and private collections.

Prior to any sale, we may require that your coins are inspected, whether by ourselves, or by a third party for authenticiation purposes.

We also consider trades - tell us the coins you wish to acquire from us and share with us photos of coins from your collection that you are prepared to trade!