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Trebonianus Gallus, 251-253 AD, Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch, BI Tetradrachm, Eagle, struck 252-253 AD

150.00 AUD

Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antiochia ad Orontem
Trebonianus Gallus
BI Tetradrachm
252-253 AD
AVTOK K Γ OYIB TPЄB ΓAΛΛOC CЄΒ, Laureate bust of Trebonianus Gallus right, draped and cuirassed, see from behind; 4 dots under bust
ΔHMAΡX ЄΞOVCIAC VΠA TO B, Eagle standing right on line, head left, wings spread, wreath in beak; in field, below eagle's wings, S-C; in exergue, Δ (delta)
26.47mm, 10.7g, 6h
VF, toned, some deposits
Rarity Details:
McAlee describes this third issue of tetradrachms under Trajan Decius as scarce; no examples found in online auction archives
ex private collector (2018)
McAlee 1178d; Prieur 686; Butcher p. 126, 15 var. (3 dots; gamma); SGICV 4349 var. (eagle facing, SC in exergue, Δ between eagle's legs); BMC Galatia -
Special Information:
From the famous Antioch mint, responsible for some of the finest portraits of Roman emperors.
Trebonianus Gallus (Gaius Vibius Afinius Trebonianus Gallus Augustus), also known as "Gallus" was Roman Emperor from 251 to 253 AD, jointly ruling with his son Volusianus. Gallus was made emperor following the deaths of Trajan Decius and Herennius Etrsucs at the Battle of Abrittus, largely due to Gallus conspiring with the enemy. Initially co-ruling with Hostilian, the surviving son of Decius, Gallus soon appointed his own son, Volusianus as Caesar. Both Gallus and Volusianus were killed in August 253 after his army proclaimed Aemilianus as emperor, having lost faith in Gallus.
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