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Trajan, 98-117 AD, Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch, AR Tetradrachm, struck 98-99 AD, RPC Plate Coin, Prieur Plate Coin

619.35 €

Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antiochia ad Orontem
AR Tetradrachm
98-99 AD (COS II)
AYTOKP KAIC NEP TRAIANOC CEB ΓEPM, Laureate head of Trajan, right
ΔHMARPX EΞ YΠAT B, Eagle seen from front, head right, wreath in beak, and wings spread, standing on thunderbolt with circular grip and few or no fillets attached
28.24mm, 14.5g, 7h
aVF, toned, some light scratches
very rare
Rarity Details:
only five known to Prieur, three in CoinArchives, and nine specimens cited by the authors of RPC, including this coin
Pedigreed: RPC Plate Coin; Prieur Plate Coin; From the Michael Prieur Collection, ex Classical Numismatic Group eAuction 443 (1 May 2019), Lot 318; Ex Giessener Münzhandlung 67 (2 May 1994), Lot 483
Prieur 1486 (Tyre; this coin cited and illustrated); McAlee 426; RPC III 3511/4 (this coin cited and illustrated); Wruck 139; Butcher p. 82, 4-5; BMC Galatia p. 185, 288; cf. SGICV 1077
Special Information:
RPC and Prieur Plate coin. This coin is cited and illustrated in two standard references: Amandry, M., A. Burnett & J. Mairat. Roman Provincial Coinage III, From Nerva to Hadrian (AD 96–138). (London & Paris, 2015); and Prieur, M. & K. Prieur. The Syro-Phoenician Tetradrachms and their fractions from 57 BC to AD 258. (Lancaster, PA, 2000)
Trajan was one of the greatest Roman Emperors. A former soldier, he expanded the Roman Empire to its largest size in history. A philanthropist who invested in social welfare and public building programs, he is known as the second of the Five Good Emperors.
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