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Roman Republic, C. Vibius C. f. Pansa, Moneyer, AR Denarius, 90 BC

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Rome mint
C. Vibius C. f. Pansa, Moneyer
AR Denarius
90 BC
Head of Apollo right, laureate; behind [PANSA]; below chin, N
[C . VIBIVS . C . F (in exergue)], Minerva in quadric right, horses galloping; she holds trophy in right hand and spear and reins in left
17.76mm, 3.6g, 9h
VF, well-centred on tight flan, lightly toned
Crawford 342/5; BMCRR I 2286
"This moneyer was probably the father of C. Tibius C. f. C. n. Pansa, who was consul B.C. 43, and who himself struck coins in B.C. 49, adopting for some of them the types used by his father. Of C. Vibius Pansa, the moneyer of B.C. 87, not much is known beyond what we can gather from his coins. He was proscribed by Sulla in B.C. 82, which may have caused his son to espouse the side of Julius Caesar, of whom he was always a faithful adherent. On account of the interchange of types on their coins Quintus Titius and C. Vibius Pansa were evidently colleagues at the mint." [Grueber, H. Coins of the Roman Republic in The British Museum. (London, 1910), p. 289 n. 2]
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