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Roman Imperational, Brutus, AR Quinarius, 43-42 BC

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Information: Issued by Brutus, just before he committed suicide, following the assassination of Julius Caesar
Origin: mint travelling with Brutus
Authority: M. Iunius Brutus
Denomination: AR Quinarius
Composition: Silver
Date: summer of 54 AD
Obverse: LEIBERTAS, Head of Libertas right, diademed, her hair falling in locks down her neck
Reverse: Prow-stem and anchor in saltire
Size: 13.84, 1.7g
Grade: VF, old cabinet tone
Rarity: rare
Provenance: Pedigreed: from the Andrew McCabe collection, ex Roma Numismatics Auction X (27 September 2015), Lot 706; ex Numismatica Ars Classica Auction 78 (26-27 May 2014) Lot 500; ex Numismatica Ars Classica Auction 114, Part II (7 May 2019), Lot 1336; ex Gorny & Mosch Auction 130 (8-9 March 2004) Lot 1966
References: BMCRR II East 39; Babelon (Junia) 33; King 79; Kestner 3777-3778; Sydenham 1288; Sear Imperators 210; RBW 1779; Crawford 506/3; RSC I 5a; Cohen I –
General: Marcus Junius Brutus (the Younger) is infamous in history for betraying Julius Caesar and taking a leading role in his assassination. The infamy of his betrayal is rivalled only by Judas. His father, Marcus Juinius Brutus Maior, was killed by Pompey. His mother, Servilla, in earlier times, was the mistress of Julius Caesar. Brutus and Caesar enjoyed a close relationship during that time. In the Battle of Pharsalus, he sided with Pompey against Caesar. On defeat and on his surrender, Caesar showed him leniency and forgave him, reportedly out of some concern he may be his biological father. He then became part of Caesar’s inner circle. When a group of Roman senators grew concerned about Caesar’s growing power, they recruited Brutus to their cause. They eventually assassinating Julius Caesar in the Roman Senate on 15 March 44 BC (the ‘Ides of March’). Brutus fled to Greece, during which time this coin was minted. Shortly afterwards, upon losing the Battle of Philippi to Mark Antony and Octavian, he committed suicide.
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