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Probus, 276-282 AD, Silvered Antoninianus, Virtus, struck 277 AD

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Information: Not listed in RIC for this bust type. Likely one of the finest specimens available. Also interesting in that the reverse legend is limited to the space between 8h and 2h
Origin: Roman Empire, Serdica mint, 1st officina
Authority: Probus
Denomination: Silvered Antoninianus
Composition: Billon, silvered surfaces
Date: 277 AD, 4th emission
Obverse: IMP C M AVR PROBVS AVG, Bust of Probus, radiate and cuirassed, facing right
Reverse: VIRTVS PROBI AVG, Emperor galloping right, spearing enemy whose shield lies beneath horse: in exergue, KA·A·
Size: 23.95mm, 3.2g, 6h
Grade: EF, boldly struck, well centred, worn reverse die, toned silvered surfaces, some earthen fill
Rarity: rare
Rarity Details: Not listed in RIC for this bust type; only 1 specimen found on acsearch
Provenance: ex Numismatik Naumann GmbH Auction 77 (6 May 2019) Lot 1141 (part of)
References: RIC V, part 2, 878 var. (bust type not listed); Cohen VI 910 var. (same); Pink VI/1, p. 45
General: Probus was a military Emperor. On reaching adulthood he joined the military where he proved himself capable, enough so that he was later appointed governor of the East by the emperor Tacitus. When Tacitus died, Probus was proclaimed emperor by his soldiers. During his reign, he was successful in his campaigns in Gaul and in strengthening the Rhine and Danube frontier against the Germanic tribes.
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