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Probus, 276-282 AD, Silvered Antoninianus, Sol in Quadriga, XXIQ, struck 280 AD

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Roman Empire, Cyzicus mint, 4th officina
Silvered Antoninianus
Billon, silvered surfaces
280 AD, 3rd emission
IMP C M AVR PROBVS P F AVG, Radiate bust of Probus left in imperial mantle, holding sceptre surmounted by eagle
SOLI INVICTO, Sol in spread quadriga, holding whip; below, C M; in exergue (no exergual line), XXIQ
24.07mm, 3.8g, 6h
Choice EF, well centred, boldly struck, silvering intact, darkly-toned, some earthen fill
ex Numismatik Naumann GmbH Auction 77 (6 May 2019) Lot 1141 (part of)
RIC V, part 2, 911 (bust type H); Cohen VI 682; Pink VI/1, p. 44
Special Information:
Sharp details, virtually no wear
Probus was a military Emperor. On reaching adulthood he joined the military where he proved himself capable, enough so that he was later appointed governor of the East by the emperor Tacitus. When Tacitus died, Probus was proclaimed emperor by his soldiers. During his reign, he was successful in his campaigns in Gaul and in strengthening the Rhine and Danube frontier against the Germanic tribes.
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