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Nero, Sestertius, Temple of Janus, 64-66 AD

397.48 USD

Rome mint
64-66 AD
NERO CLAVD CAESAR AVG GER P M TR P IMP P P, Head of Nero, laureate, right, aegis on far shoulder
PACE PR TERRA MARIQ PARTA IANVM CLVSIT, View of one front of the Temple of Janus, with latticed window to right, and garland hung across closed double doors to left: S-C left and right in field
37.32mm, 27.48 g, 6h
Near VF, fine style, attractive green and brown patina, rough surfaces
ex Classical Numismatic Group eAuction 398, Lot 508
BMCRE 157; RIC I 268; WCN 149; cf. SRCV I, 1965
Possibly the most infamous of the Roman Emperors, Nero ruled Rome from 54 AD until his death by his own hand in 68 AD. From murdering his mother and other political opponents to (according to rumour) starting the great fires of Rome, the stories about his reign paint a picture of a tyrannical and impulsive Emperor that the people of Rome were glad to see gone. The Temple of Janus was situated in the Roman Forum, with doors on both ends, known as the Gates of Janus, which would be open during war. Inside the temple was a statue of the Roman god Janus.
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