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Nero, 54-68 AD, Egypt, Alexandria, BI Tetradrachm, Bust of Alexandria, Regnal Year 12 (65-66 AD)

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Origin: Egypt, Alexandria
Authority: Nero
Denomination: Billon Tetradrachm
Composition: Billon
Date: Year 12 (65-66 AD)
Obverse: [NE]ΡΩ K[ΛAYΔ ΣEB ΓEΡ], Bust of Nero, radiate, wearing aegis on left shoulder, facing right
Reverse: [AY]TO-KPA, Bust of Alexandra, draped, wearing elephant skin headdress, facing right; in right field, LIB (regnal year)
Size: 24.35mm, 12.7g, 12h
Grade: gF, well toned, edge cracks
Provenance: ex Athena Numismatics, formerly Holyland Coins (2006)
References: Dattari 204; BMC Alexandria p. 20, 163-164; SNG Copenhagen 119; RPC I 5289; Milne 238; Kampmann-Ganschow 14.88; Köln 172; Emmett 109; SGICV 633
General: Possibly the most infamous of the Roman Emperors, Nero ruled Rome from 54 AD until his death by his own hand in 68 AD. From murdering his mother and other political opponents to (according to rumour) starting the great fires of Rome, the stories about his reign paint a picture of a tyrannical and impulsive Emperor that the people of Rome were glad to see gone. During Nero's reign, the debasement of Alexandrian coinage followed that of the Roman denarius after the great fire of 64 AD. A large number of billon tetradrachms were minted to replace the existing currency. The silver which was recovered through this process was returned to Rome to mint denarii to fund building programs.
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