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Macrinus, 217-218 AD, Phoenicia, Aradus, AR Tetradrachm, Prieur Plate Coin

750.00 AUD

Phoenicia, Aradus
AR Tetradrachm
217-218 AD
AYT·KAIM·A·OΠ·CE·MAKPINOC, Laureate bust of Macrinus, right, seen from behind
ΔHMARPX EΞ YΠATOC [A], Eagle facing, wings spread, head and tail right, holding wreath in beak; between legs, bull's head right
26.67mm, 13.42 g, 7h
VF, toned with underlying luster, some light porosity.
very rare
Rarity Details:
seven known to Prieur, and only one in CoinArchives
Pedigreed: Prieur Plate Coin, from the Michael Prieur Collection, ex Classical Numismatic Group eAuction 443 (1 May 2019), Lot 383; ex Bourgey (17 May 1984), Lot 136 (part of)
Prieur 1243 (this coin cited and illustrated); Bellinger Syrian 239; SGICV 2959 (slight variations in obverse legend); cf. BMC Galatia p. 200, 398; Butcher -
Special Information:
Prieur Plate coin. This coin is illustrated in the following standard reference: Prieur, M. & K. Prieur. The Syro-Phoenician Tetradrachms and their fractions from 57 BC to AD 258. (Lancaster, PA, 2000)
Marcus Opellius Severus Macrinus Augustus was Roman Emperor from 217 to 218, reigning jointly with his son Diadumenianus. Originally a praetorian prefect under Emperor Caracalla, he organised the assassination of Caracalla in order to save his own life. His short reign comprising of cleaning up the messes of his predecessor came to an early end when he and his son were both separately assassinated so that the usurper Elagabalus could succeed them as Emperor.
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