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Julia Domna, Augusta, 193-217 AD, AE Sestertius, Juno, struck 211-217 AD, Banti Plate Coin

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Information: Banti Plate Coin - this coin is illustrated in Banti, A. & L. Simonetti. Corpus Nummorum Romanorum. 18 Vols. (Florence, 1972-1979)
Origin: Rome mint
Authority: Julia Domna, struck under Caracalla
Denomination: AE Sestertius
Composition: Orichalcum
Date: 211-217 AD
Obverse: IVLIA PIA FELIX AVG, Bust of Julia Donna, draped, right; hair elaborately waived in nearly vertical waves, with seven horizontal ridges, fastened in a small bun at back and queue on neck
Reverse: IVNONI LV CINAE, Juno, draped, seated left, holding flower in extended right hand and child in swadling clothes at breast on left arm; S C in exergue
Size: 31.80mm, 23.55 g, 12h
Grade: aVF, well centred, light brown patina, hairline flan crack.
Provenance: Pedigreed: illustrated in Banti; ex Classical Numismatic Group eAuction 411 (13 December 2017), Lot 406; R. D. Frederick Collection, Classical Numismatic Group eAuction 290 (7 November 2012), lot 410; Thomas Olive Mabbott Collection, Hans M. F. Schulman Auction (Mabbott Part V, 7 July 1970), Lot 485
References: Banti 26 (this coin illustrated); RIC IV [Caracalla] 586; BMCRE IV [Caracalla] 211 (same reverse die as plate 74, 1); Cohen IV 93
General: Julia Domna was the second wife of the Roman Emperor Septimius Severus and the mother of Emperors Geta and Caracalla. Unlike most Empresses, Julia travelled with her husband on military campaigns. She was well respected and credited for supporting Philosophy after Nero had previously banned it. She chose to commit suicide following the asssasination of her son Caracalla during a rebellion.
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