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Elagabalus, with Julia Maesa, 218-222 AD, Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis, AE Pentassarion, Tyche, struck 220-221 AD

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Moesia Inferior, Marcianopolis
Elagabalus, with Julia Maesa; Julius Antonius Seleucus, legatus consularis
AE Pentassarion
220-221 AD
AVT K M AVP ANTΩNEINOC AVΓ IOVΛIA MAICA AVΓ, confronted busts of Elagabalus, laureate, and Julia Domna, wearing stephane, draped
VΠ IOVΛ ANT CEΛEVKOV MAΡKIANOΠOΛITΩN, Concordia standing left, holding patera and cornucopiae, E to left
27.69mm, 11.7g, 1h
aVF, centration dimple, repatinated surfaces
Solidus Numismatik e.K. Monthly Auction 24 (14 Jan 2018), Lot 2162 (part of)
Moushmov 681; AMNG I 964; Lindgren III A47a var (rev legend); BMC Thrace p. 36, 62-63; SGICV -
Elagabalus was Roman Emperor from 218 to 222 AD. Born in Syria, he was later named after the god Elagabal whom he served as a priest in his youth. He lived an extremely eccentric and decadent life showing total disregard for Roman traditions. This most likely led to his assassination at the young age of 18 in a plot organised by his aunt, Julia Maesa. This coin was struck under the consular legate Julius Antonius Seleucus in Marcianopolis, a city founded by Trajan and named after his sister, Marciana.
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