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Caracalla, 198-217 AD, Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antioch, AR Tetradrachm, Eagle, struck c. 215-217 AD, Prieur Plate Coin

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Information: Plate coin from Prieur, M. & K. Prieur. The Syro-Phoenician Tetradrachms and their fractions from 57 BC to AD 258. (Lancaster, PA, 2000). Prieur attributes this coin to a group of 'war issue' tetradrachms, likely issued by mints travelling with legions.
Origin: Syria, Seleucis and Pieria, Antiochia ad Orontem
Authority: Caracalla
Denomination: AR Tetradrachm
Composition: Silver
Date: circa 215-217 AD (Δ in reverse legend = Consulship IV), likely struck at a travelling 'war mint'
Obverse: B ΑYΤ Κ Μ A · · · ΑΝΤΩΝΕΙΝ[ΟC [CE], Laureate, draped and cuirassed bust of Caracalla, right, seen from behind
Reverse: ΔΗΜΑΡΧ ΕΞ ΥΠΑΤΟC TO Δ, Eagle standing, facing, head right, on large club; in between legs, star
Size: 27.25mm, 12.5g, 11h
Grade: Choice EF, tight flan, lightly toned, lustrous
Rarity: exceedingly rare
Rarity Details: only six specimens known to Prieur
Provenance: Prieur plate coin; from the Michael Prieur Collection, ex Classical Numismatic Group Auction 111 (29 May 2019), Lot 541; Auctiones AG 16 (1 October 1986), lot 214
References: Prieur 232 (this coin, illustrated); McAlee 685; Butcher -
General: Lucius Septimius Bassianus . He became known as 'Caracalla' after the Gallic cloak which he regularly wore. He was assassinated by a soldier on route to visiting a temple near Carrhae, whilst stopping briefly to attend to the call of nature. Three days later, Macrinus declared himself emperor. Caracalla's popularity with the military ensured he was not subject to a damnatio memoriae. Notwithstanding this, his reputation and legacy in history remains that of a cruel ruler, whose terrible deeds include the murder of his brother Geta and the massacre of Geta's supporters.
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