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Antoninus Pius, 138-161 AD, AE Sestertius, Tiberis Reclining, struck 140-144 AD

275.00 AUD

Rome mint
Antoninus Pius
AE Sestertius
140-144 AD
ANTONINVS AVG PI-VS PP TR P COST III, Head of Antoninus, laureate, right
TIBERIS, Tiberis, crowned with reeds, reclining let, resting left elbow on [rock or oveturned urn], from which water flows and placing right hand on forepart of boat, on let, holding reed in left hand; S C in exergue
33.65mm, 23.5g, 12h
gF-aVF, well centred, fine portrait, toned
Rarity Details:
variant less common than the type with Tiberis leaning against an urn instead of a rock
From the Steve P Collection, ex Dionysus Coins (eBay, November 2017)
RIC III 643a; BMCRE IV 1313 note; Cohen II 820-821; Banti 416; Strack III 863d; SRCV II 4237 var. (urn);
Special Information:
An affordable example of a less common reverse type.
Antoninus Pius was one of the Five Good Emperors. Under his 23 year long reign, Rome saw peace that it had not seen for some time. On the obverse of this coin, an expectional portrait of the Emperor. On the reverse, the personification of the river Tiber, Tiberis, is depicted.
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