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Here we have collated links to sites and resources that we find useful and interesting. We regularly use this page to navigate online research sites to research ancient coins before adding them to our online collection. Make sure to bookmark this page as you will no doubt find it equally as useful. Please feel free to contact us if there are sites on ancient coins or history which you believe should be added.
Print Coin Flip Inserts

Lost the coin flip insert that arrived with your coin? Not to worry, find your coin on one of the following pages, print, cut, and insert it. Your coin will have the word "Sold" inf ront of it and will be somewhere towards the end of the catalog. This Coin Flips Insert Page is the tool that I use to print your inserts.

Instructions: As your coin has been sold, it will appear with `SOLD: in front of the name. Save the page to your computer. Open the page in note pad or text-editing software. In notepad, make sure to have "All Files" selected instead of "Text Documents". Find your coin in the text, then find and remove the reference to sold before the title including the following html ` <font color="#FF0000"><b>SOLD</b></font>: which precedes it. Then open the file in your browser and print. Make sure to print in landscape view. Depending on your browser you may need to adjust your margin settings.

Note: the size of the tags may vary with the size and resolution of your computer screen. You may need to copy and paste the coin flip insert content into a word processing program, or save the webpage as PDF and try printing to different scales until you have a coin flip insert that is the right size for your coin flip. If you have any difficulty, email me and I will do it fo you. I can email you a word version template of any coin flip which is set to print to the right size.

Online research tools

The following list are my recommendations for online databases for identifying ancient coins. Online databases offer a significant advantage over physical references because they are easily searchable. Whilst physical references are helpful, they generally rely on some knowledge on the part of the reader. With online databases, no such knowledge is necessary. Identify part of the inscription, or symbol, and away you go!

Wildwinds is a online reference of ancient coins. It is a highly versatile tool and is the starting point for many when researching coins online.
Coin Archives
The Coin Archives is a large searchable database of coins sold at auctions.
Similar to Coin Archives. Search is powerful with support for multiple languages.
British Musuem Catalogue: Online Collection
Search the online collection of the British Museum Catalogue.
British Museum Catalogue: Roman Republican Coins
Search the entire British Museum catalogue of Roman Republican coins.
American Numismatic Society online database
Search the online colllection of ancient coins of the American Numismatic Society.
OCRE: Online Coins of the Roman Empire
Electronic database supplied by the American Numismatic Society in collaboration with the Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.
Bibliothèque nationale de France
Search the collection of the national library of France. Currently only in French. The national library of France, hosting the national collection of coins on its numismatic department named Département des Monnaies, Médailles et Antiques.
Philip II of Macedon Bronze Horse Rider Coinage
References to all known types of the bronze coinage. This page is hosted on our website..
Coin Project: numismatic research website
Search a large electronic database of ancient coins put together by over a hundred numismatists.
Magna Graecia Coins
Online database of ancient greek coins.
Coin India
Online catalog of ancient indian coins. Particularly useful for those coins which are difficult to find in a physical reference, such as Kushan coinage
Roman Coin Attribution Toolkit
Powerful search for late Roman coins
SNG UK: Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum
SNG database of Greek coins from various collections in the UK
Roman Provincial Coinage Online
Research site focused on Roman Provincial Coinage. Roman Provincials are particularly difficult to attribute without a good reference or search tool. Oriental Coins Database
Online database of oriential coins. Includes other coins such as medieval and Islamic coins.
Byzantine Bronzes
Database of Byzantine coins.
Historia Numorum
Digital version of Historia Numorum, a reference for Ancient Greek coins.
Provincial Romans
Another site specialising in Roman Provincial coinage.
Asia Minor Coins
Database of Ancient Greek and Roman coins from Asia Minor.
Tantalus Coins
Database of Ancient Greek, Roman and World coins
Database of Parthian coins.
The Weber Collection of Greek Coins
Digital version of The Weber Collection of Greek Coins.
The Ptolemy AE Project
This site focuses strictly on Ptolemaic bronze coins.
Another resource for identifying late Roman bronze coins.
The Celtic Coin Index
Resource for identifying Celtic coins.
Examples from the Richard Baker Collection of Roman Countermarks
This site is useful for identifying countermarks which appear on Ancient Roman coins.
SNG The Fitzwilliams Museum Cambridge
Search the Fitzwilliams Museum's collection of ancient coins.
Online Numismatic Literature

The following are links to numismatic literature that is now available online. Some of these references are essential to collectors of particular areas. For the full list of references used by Ancient Coin Traders, see: Ancient Coin References

American Numismatic Society Digital Library
540 American Numismatic Society publications are now available as full-text for free use by the public.
Google Project Digital Library Numis
The project Digital Library Numis (DLN) is a specialized portal and depository on open access numismatic books, journals and papers, currently available on the internet. All entries are presented with detailed bibliographic metadata, often supplemented with a brief summary of the contents.
Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins (ERIC)
The Encyclopedia of Roman Imperial Coins (ERIC) is a comprehensive catalogue of roman imperial coins. It provides references to Mattingly H. & E. Sydenham, et al. The Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC), a handy feature for those who do not have RIC. Refer here for our review on ERIC: Ancient Coin Traders review on ERIC.
Müller Alexander Volume 1(text)
Müller, L. Numismatique d'Alexandre le Grand; Appendice les monnaies de Philippe II et III, et Lysimaque. (Copenhagen, 1855-58) Volume 1.
Müller Alexander Volume 2 (Plates & Tables)
Müller, L. Numismatique d'Alexandre le Grand; Appendice les monnaies de Philippe II et III, et Lysimaque. (Copenhagen, 1855-58) Volume 2.
Mionnet - all volumes
Mionnet, T. Description de Médailles antiques grecques et romaines. (Paris, 1806-1837).
Mionnet - Plates and Monogram
Mionnet, T. Description de Médailles antiques grecques et romaines. (Paris, 1806-1837) - Plates and Monograms
Professional Certification Services

The following are links to numismatic literature that is now available online. Some of these references are essential to collectors of particular areas. For the full list of references used by Ancient Coin Traders, see: Ancient Coin References

David R. Sear, Ancient Numismatics, Greek, Roman & Byzantine Coinage
Author of the Greek / Roman Coins and their Values series which are relied upon by collectors, novices and professionals as a convenient and reliable reference. For a reasonable fee Mr. Sear will assess your ancient coin and issue you with a certificate of authenticity.
Professional Coin Grading Service
This service accepts almost any type of coin from collectors. Similar to Mr. Sear's service they will assess your coin, verify its authenticity and grade.
Discussion Boards

I have listed discussion boards where you can participate in discussions about ancient coins with other members of the community. I post on each one of them from time to time so make sure to say hi. Discussion boards have not kept up with what the most recent social media platforms and it is no surprise that they have faced declining activity and membership in recent years. What discussions boards offer above other social media platforms is an organised searchable history of past discussions. Your starting point before asking a question is to search the board to see if someone else has asked the question previously.

FORVM Classical Numismatics Discussion
This is the largest discussion board on the subject of ancient coins. Expert numismatists, academics and people passionate about ancient coins frequent this forum. The discussion board has strict rules which can sometimes throw off newcomers who post without reading them - make sure you do and you will not have any issues.
Another discussion board devoted to the subject of ancient coins.
Coin Community Family
A discussion board covering many areas of coin collecting, including ancient coins. The ancient coins board in particular is informal and highly welcoming of newcomers.
Coin Talk
A discussion board covering many areas of coin collecting, including ancient coins. Also very informal and highly welcoming of newcomers.
Other Interesting Sites
COINSHEET Numismatic Directory
COINSHEET Numismatic Directory is a comprehensive worldwide resource for coin and currency related websites, which includes over 3000 listings.
PE Cultural Exchange Services
PE Cultural Exchange Services is a migration services provider specialising in migration pathways to Australia, including business and investment visas.
Barometers and Clocks
A New Zealand based business which specialises in German made barometers, clocks and weather stations etc. Ships internationally