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Kushan Kings, Huvishka, AE Tetradrachm, 151-190 AD

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Kushan Empire, Ancient India
AE Tetradrachm
151-190 AD
þAONAOþPAO OOHþKE KOþANO ('King of Kings, Huvishka Kushan'), Elephant rider king holds a staff diagonally in right hand and carries an elephant goad horizontally over the elephant's back
OHPO, Oesho with four arms stands facing, head left surrounded by halo; hair in topknot; wearing dhoti, bracelets and armlets, amulet string across chest; holding diadem with extended lower right hand, thunderbolt in raised right hand, trident vertically with raised upper left hand and water-pot with lower left hand; early tamga to lect; dotted border
26.39mm, 16.1g, 12h
Choice gVF, dark patina with earthen highlights, boldly struck, smooth fields
ANS Kushan 848 ff.; Göbl 849
The Kushan empire was formed by Yuezhi, in the Bactrian territories in the early 1st century. It stretched to encompass the entire northern subcontinent of India and includes what is today Afghanistan and Pakistan. The Kushans used the Baktrian language, employing the use of Greek script to write Baktrian - as evidenced in their coinage. Huvishka was the son of Kanishka. He ruled the Kushan Empire following his father's death. Huvishaka was a worshipper of Shiva. The Kushan coins typically feature the King on the obverse and a deity on the other. Oesho on the reverse of thsi coin is identical with Shiva.
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