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Thessaly, Larissa, AR Trihemiobol, Late 4th to early 3rd century BC

125.00 AUD

Thessaly, Larissa
AR Trihemiobol
Late 4th to early 3rd century BC
Head of the nymph Larissa three-quarter facing left, wearing an ampyx in her hair; border of dots
[ΛΑΡI]-[Σ] / [AΙΩΝ], Thessalian cavalryman riding right on prancing horse, wearing chlamys and petasos, raising right hand without a whip or goad
10.81mm, 1.0g, 2h
gF, lightly toned, off centre, struck with worn dies, tight flan
Ex BCD Collection with his round tag noting "T/ne ex Thess., June 04, €60.-" and accompanied by life sized photos of each side of the coin; ex CNG eAuction 390, Lot 101
BCD Thessaly II 341
Pedigreed coin from the collection of BCD, complete with his tag and life sized photos

In ancient times Larissa was a city in Thessaly and the mythological birthplace of Achilles. Today, it is the capital and largest city in modern Thessaly. It is also the namesake of the nymph Larissa who was the daughter of Pelasgus, son of Triopas, King of Argos. The depiction of Larissa facing three-quarters to the left was borrowed from that of Arethusa of the famous tetradrachms of Sicily, Syracuse.
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