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SOLD: Thessaly, Larissa, AR Drachm, c. 356-342 BC

330.00 AUD

Thessaly, Larissa
AR Drachm
circa 356-342 BC
Head of the nymph Larissa three-quarter, facing left, wearing plain necklace, earring in right ear, her hair confined by an ampyx and floating loosely; all within dotted border
ΛAPIΣ/AIΩN, Horse standing right, its forefoot raised, preparing to lie down
20.49mm, 5.90g, 10h
Choice VF, toned, granular surfaces, some reverse die wear
rare die combination
Rarity Details:
no die matches found in the references consulted
From the BCD Collection, with his round tag and accompanied by life sized photos of each side of the coin; ex CNG eAuction 409 (8 November 2017), Lot 156
Lorber Hoard, Phase L-III, 38–60; BCD Thessaly II 316-319; Herrmann Group VII-A; SNG Copenhagen 121-122; SNG Alpha Bank 93-99; BMC Thessaly [Larissa] pp. 29-30, 57-60; HGC 4, 454 corr. (illustration for 453 and 454 switched); SGCV I 2120
Special Information:
Pedigreed coin from the BCD Collection.
In ancient times Larissa was a city in Thessaly and the mythological birthplace of Achilles. Today, it is the capital and largest city in modern Thessaly. It is also the namesake of the nymph Larissa who was the daughter of Pelasgus, son of Triopas, King of Argos. The depiction of Larissa facing three-quarters to the left was borrowed from that of Arethusa of the famous coinage of Sicily, Syracuse. Lorber dates the Phase L-III series to which this coin belongs to a period commencing from the time of Third Sacred War (356-346 AD) to Philip's reorganisation of the tetrarchy government of Thessaly and his garrison of Pherae (c. 344-342 AD).
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