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Thessaly, Larissa, AR Drachm, c. 400-370 BC, Lorber Plate Coin, Hoard Coin

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Thessaly, Larissa
AR Drachm
circa 400-370 BC
Head of the nymph Larissa three-quarter, facing left, wearing plain necklace, her hair confined by an ampyx and floating loosely; above head, signed ΣΙΜΟ; all within dotted border
ΛΑΡIΣ, Horse with straight legs grazing, right on solid exergue line
19.56mm, 6.1g, 2h
VF, worn dies, small metal flaws, small scratch on reverse, iridescent tone
from the Commerce, 1989 Hoard (CH IX, 65); Published in Lorber Early. From the Midwest Collection, ex Numismatic Fine Arts inventory 4809; Classical Numismatic Group eAuction 447 (3 July 2019), Lot 65
Lorber Early 89.1(a)(this coin, illustrated) = Lorber-Shahar Group 3, Head Type 27 (O131/R1); Lorber Thessalian 91-92; BCD Thessaly II 267 (same dies); Herrmann Group VII-R, pl. viii, 16; HGC 4, 431; SNG Copenhagen -
Special Information:
Plate Coin from Lorber, C. “The Early Facing Head Drachms of Thessalian Larissa” in Nilsson, H. Ed. Florilegium Numismaticum: Studia in Honorem U. Westermark. (Stockholm, 1992); originally discovered in the Commerce, 1989 Hoard (CH IX, 65)
In ancient times Larissa was a city in Thessaly and the mythological birthplace of Achilles. Today, it is the capital and largest city in modern Thessaly. It is also the namesake of the nymph Larissa who was the daughter of Pelasgus, son of Triopas, King of Argos. The depiction of Larissa facing three-quarters to the left was borrowed from that of Arethusa of the famous coinage of Sicily, Syracuse.
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