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Sicily, Syracuse, Hiketas, 287-278 AD, AE, Persephone

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Sicily, Syracuse
ΣYPAKOΣIΩN, Head of Persephone left; hair long and bound with wreath of barley; behind head, flaming torch; all within border of dots
Biga right, driven by charioteer, wearing long chiton, and holding goad and reins; horses cantering; above, star of eight rays; in exergue, VE monogram and X
23.45mm, 9.5g, 7h
Near EF, well centred, sharp details, casting sprue remnant, attractive brown patina
ex Dr. Busso Peus Nachf Auction 420 (1 November 2017), Lot 1049; ex Münzen & Medaillen GmbH (DE) Auction 30 (28 May 2009), Lot 899
Calciati II p. 263, 122; SNG ANS 763; SNG Copenhagen 806; BMC Sicily [Syracuse], p. 202, 455; HGC 2, 1447; SGCV I 1210 var. (diff. monogram); SNG Ashmolean -
Special Information:
The die-engravers of Sicily, Syracuse were responsible for the finest art to found on a coin, whether by ancient or modern standards. Such coins are coveted by collectors and unsurprisingly fall outside a budget available to many collectors. This bronze coin is no exception - its reverse in particular captures the beauty found on the tetradrachms and dekadrachms.
Hicetas was tyrant of Syracuse. Little is known about his time as tyrant: it was recorded that he ruled for nine years, during which time he defeated Phintias (tyrant of Agrigentum) with whom he was at war, and that he lost a battle with the Carthaginians at the river Terias.
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