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Sicily, Lilybaion, as Cape of Melqart, AR Tetradrachm, c. 330-305 BC, Ex Duke of Cajaniello Collection, Referenced by Jenkins

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Sicily, Lilybaion as Cape of Melkart
AR Tetradrachm
330-305 BC
Charioteer driving a fast quadriga right; above, Nike flying left, crowning charioteer; [RŠMLQRT]( in Punic text), in exergue
Wreathed head of Kore-Persephone right; three dolphins around
23.39mm, 16.6g, 3h
VF, well centred on tight flan, some roughness, lovely old cabinet tone
From the Colin E. Pitchfork Collection. ex Classical Numismatic Group eAuction 445 (5 June 2019), Lot 40; Sotheby’s (28 March 1979), Lot 14; Sotheby’s (10 May 1978), Lot 46; Pasquale del Pezzo, Duke of Cajaniello Collection (Sambon & Canessa, 27 June 1927), Lot 1146
Jenkins Punic 53 (O18/R41 - this coin referenced); CNP 311; HGC 2, 741; SNG Lloyd 1601 (same dies); for types, cf.: SGCV I 775 (Kephaloidion); SNG Copenhagen 225-227 (Cephaloedium); SNG ANS 732 (Rash Melqart); BMC Sicily p. 251, 6 (Heraclea Minoa)
Special Information:
This coin referenced in Jenkins, G.K. Coins of Punic Sicily. (Zürich, 1997). This text is the primary reference for Siculo-Punic coinage.
The legend Rshmlqrt translates to 'Roshmelqart' meaning the Cape of Melqart. Melqart was the patron god of the Phoenician city of Tyre. Melqart translates to 'king of the city'. He protected the Punic areas of Sicily. These areas were known under Carthaginian rule as 'Cape Meqlart'. The Punics or Carthaginians were the descendents of the Pheonicians.

Relevantly, as noted in SNG Lloyd, 'All these tetradrachms show the overwhelming influence of the Syracusan engravers of the last decades of the fifth century.'
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