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Kingdom of Macedon, Philip II, 359-336 BC, AR Tetradrachm, Pegasus Control Mark, struck c. 355-349/8 BC

640.00 AUD

Macedon, Amphipolis mint
Philip II
AR Tetradrachm
circa 355-349/8 BC
Laureate head of Zeus right
ΦΙΛΙΠ-ΠΟΥ, Youth on horseback left, holding palm frond and reins; to left below, bow; below, Pegasus forepart
22.75mm, 14.01g, 3h
VF, well centred on tight flan, toned, granulated surfaces
ex H.D. Rauch e-Auction 24 (29 September 2017), Lot 45
Le Rider 138 (D67/R115); SNG ANS 477-478 (different dies); SNG Copenhagen 545 (same); SNG Saroglos 53 (same); HGC 3, 861; Müller 261; SGCV II 6680-6684 var. (control marks, horse right); SNG Alpha Bank -; SNG München -; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG Christomanos -; SNG Soutzos -; SNG Ashmolean -; Mionnet I -
Philip II of Macedon was King of Macedon and father of Alexander the Great and Philip III Arrhidaeus. The silver tetradrachms of this type is extensive and differentiated principally by the different symbols and letters which appear. These symbols and letters, known as control marks, were used to identify the officials responsible for a particular issue of coinage.
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