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Euboia, Histiaia, AR Tetrobol, Delta Y Monogram, 3rd to 2nd centuries BC

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Euboia, Histiaia
AR Tetrobol
3rd to 2nd centuries BC
Head of the Nymph Histiiaia right, wearing earring, necklace and vine-wreath; hair in sphendone
IΣTI [A]EIΩN, Nymph Histiaia, her hair bound with vine-wreath, right breast bare, seated right on the stern of a galley, ornamented with wing, and holding a mast with cross-piece (trophy-stand); to her right, ΔY monogram
13.27mm, 2.3g, 3h
VF, finest style, well centred on tight flan, some iridescence
exceedingly rare
Rarity Details:
only one specimen (this coin) in online auction records
ex Nomos AG Obolos 10 (30 Jun 2018) Lot 125
BMC Central Greece p. 130, 76; HGC 4, 1524; BCD Euboia -; SNG Copenhagen -; SNG Alpha Bank -
Special Information:
The portrait of the Nymph Histaia is incredibly lifelike and almost undoubtedly struck from the dies of a master engraver; this variant with the monogram is exceptionally rare.
Euboia (Euboea) is the second-largest island in Greece. Histiaia was an ancient town on the island named after the nymph of the same name, daughter of Hyrieus. The town is mentioned in Homer's Iliad as being "rich in grapes".
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