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Attica, Athens, 454-404 BC, AR Tetradrachm, Old-Style Owl, Full Incuse Square

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449-413 BC
Head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet ornamented with three olive leaves and floral scroll; her hair is drawn across the forehead in parallel curves
Owl standing right head facing, in erect posture; the tail feathers represented as a single prong; to the right, AΘE, in large, even lettering; to left, olive-twig and crescent; all within incuse square
26.38mm 17.1g, 2h
gVF, wide flan, well struck, full incuse square, beautiful golden tone
ex Freeman & Sear (2006)
Starr pl. XXII, 7; SNG Copenhagen 31; BMC Attica p. 8, 62; SGCV I 2526; HGC 4 1597
"Owls" were extremely popular as a central currency of the ancient world and thus the design remained unchanged for quite a long period of time. One of the most well known coins from ancient times from Athens, the centre of the ancient world, it is no surprise that these coins are highly sought after by collectors. During 449-413 BC, a large amount of tetradrachms were minted to meet the financing requirements of extravagant building projects including the Parthenon and also to cover the cost of the very expensive Peloponnesian War.
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