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Aeolis, Kyme, AR Tetradrachm, 165-140 BC

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Aeolis, Kyme
165-140 BC
Head of the Amazon Kyme right, wearing taenia
Horse walking right, skyphos (one-handled cup) below, KYMAIΩN left, ΣEYΘHΣ (magistrate) in exergue, all within laurel-wreath
34.2mm, 16.409g, 12h
Choice aEF, fine style, well centred, high relief, light flan crack at 2 o'clock on reverse, some pitting and roughness
ex FORVM Ancient Coins (March 2006)
SNG Berry 996; SNG Von Aulock 1640; Oakley 59 (same obverse die); SNG Fitzwilliam 4311 = Pozzi 2301 (same obverse die); McClean 7901; BMC Troas 78-79; SNG Copenhagen 103-105 var. (name of magistrate); SGCV II 4183 var. (name of magistrate)
Kyme was the the most important of twelve cities in Aeolis, the other cities being: Kyme, Larissa, Neonteichus, Temnus, Cilla, Notium, Aegioressa, Pitane, Aegaeae, Myrina , Smyrna and Gryneia. Located on the coast of modern-day Turkey it was a port city with significant trade. Kyme produced regular coinage from 350BC until it fell under the Roman Empire in 133 BC. Undoubtedly its most famous coinage are the beautiful wreathed silver tetradrachms which feature Kyme the Amazon on the obverse and a horse within a wreath on the reverse. Also on the reverse is the name of the ruling magistrate. Twelve such magistrates have been identified.
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