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Frequently Asked Questions

No. I am a full-time senior executive of a large company in Australia who enjoys collecting and photographing ancient coins. By offering my collection for sale it gives me the opportunity to rotate my collection and learn about different ancient coins. This is a hobby for me.

Yes. Each coin comes with a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.

Collecting ancient coins is in fact a form of investment. Unlike other hobbies, spending money on ancient coins leaves you with a pool of assets that can be realised at some point in the future for monetary value. Please read my article Collecting and Investing - Mutually Inclusive!.

Yes. I can recommend you to reputable ancient coin dealers who have what you are looking for if I do not have it. For me this is a hobby so I have no hesitation in referring you to someone else if that would better serve you.

No. My coins are stored in a secure off-site storage facility. They are not available for viewing even if you are in Australia. I take high quality photos of each coin which together with the other comprehensive information provided should be more than sufficient for you to make a decision to purchase.

All ancient coins are shipped from Australia. We ship internationally. All shipping is insured to the full value of purchase for your peace of mind.

No. I am not a business. I do not have a physical location. All coins are stored in a secure off-site storage facility.

Yes. I am interested in expanding my collection. I am interested in buying high grade coins and bulk purchases. As for trades, I am open-minded. Best to contact me with what you are thinking. Refer to Selling Your Ancient Coins for more information.

Visit my ancient coin articles page where you will find numerous articles on ancient coins. Please check back often as it is updated regularly. You can also visit the ancient coin websites I have listed in my ancient coin resources page.

Yes, depending on the number of instalments and the total value of the intended purchase. I will consider each request at my discretion. Coins will be delivered on payment of last instalment. On payment of an agreed deposit your coin will be reserved for you provided you make payments in accordance with the agreed instalment plan.

I only buy from reputable sources. Additionally I have carefully examined each and every coin for sale. Fake ancient coins have signs resulting from the manner in which they were made. For example, cast coins have casting bubbles, a soapy-like appearance, a seam or filing on the edges to remove traces of the seam, and signs of a casting sprue. Other methods of fakes result in coins with designs which do not match recorded specimens.

We accept all major credit cards. For your peace of mind and safety, we use Paypal. You do not need to register an account with Paypal to make a payment.

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Start by reading my article on Collecting Ancient Coins . Please feel free to contact me if you would like some help.