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Phocas, 602-610 AD, Gold, AV Solidus, struck 604-607 AD

689.00 AUD

Constantinopolis, 7th officina
AV Solidus
604-607 AD
ON FOCAS PERP AVG, Draped and cuirassed bust facing, wearing crown without pendilia and holding globus cruciger
VICTORIA AVGG Z / CONOB, Angel standing facing, holding long staff surmounted by staurogram and globus cruciger
21.53mm, 4.32g, 6h
aEF, areas of flat strike, graffiti and some minor marks, edge clipped.
ex Classical Numismatic Group eAuction 443 (1 May 2019), Lot 622
DOC II 5g; MIBE 7; SBCV 618
Phocas became Byzantine Emperor in 602 AD after capturing Constantinople and overthrowing the Byzantine Emperor Maurice. This usurpation was led by the Byzantine army who were fatigued from campaigning and dissatisfied with their pay. The army appointed Phocas, then a centurion, their new leader. As Byzantine Emperor, Phocas proved incompetent and brutal. His reign was marred by continued foreign attacks on his borders and failure to properly control the administration or the army. Eventually he too was overthrown, by Heraclius, who then became Byzantine Emperor.
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