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SOLD: Macedonian Dynasty, Basil II Bulgaroktonos, with Constantine VIII, 976-1025 AD, AV Histamenon, Christ Pantocrator, struck c. 1005-1025 AD

883.29 USD

Basil II Bulgaroktonos, with Constantine VIII
AV Histamenon
circa 1005-1025 AD
+IҺS XIS REX REGNANTIҺm, Bust of Christ Pantocrator facing, wearing nimbus cross ornamented with two crescents in the limbs of the cross, holding book of Gospels and raising right hand
+bASIL C CONStANTI b, Crowned half-length busts, facing, of Basil, wearing loros of square pattern, and Constantine VIII, beardless on right, wearing chlamys, both holding plain cross between them
26mm, 4.42g, 7h
gVF, well centred, lustrous surfaces,
ex Leu Numismatik AG Web Auction 2 (3 December 2017), Lot 945
DOC III 6; SBCV 1800
Constantine VIII and Basil II were brothers and co-emperors of the Byzantine Empire. For the duration of their joint reign, Basil II concerned himself with the affairs of the state, whilst Constantine was content to spend his time pursuing leisurely pursuits. After conquering Bulgaria, Basil became known by the cognomen 'Bulgar Slayer' ('Boulgaroktonos'). After Basil died, Constantine became sole ruler. Constantine's reign would last less than 3 years before he too died, but after becoming the longest serving emperor. Both emperors died without a male heir. The Empire passed onto Romanos Argyros, the husband of Constantine's daughter.
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