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Heraclian Dynasty, Heraclius, with Heraclius Constantine, 610-641 AD, Struck c. 629-631 AD

895.00 AUD

Constantinople Mint, 8th officina
Heraclius, with Heraclius Constantine (as co-emperor)
AV Solidus
629-631 AD
dd NN ҺERACLI[ЧS ET ҺERA CONST PP AVG], Facing busts of Heraclius (on left) and Heraclius Constantine (on right); each wears chlamys and crown with cross on circlet; Heraclius has long beard and whiskers, whilst his son, whose bust is much smaller, has slight beard and moustache; above, cross
VICTORIA AVςЧ H / CONOB, Cross potent on three steps
20.10mm, 4.3g, 6h
gVF, obverse slightly off centre, slightly clipped
DOC 26h; MIB 29; SBCV 749
Special Information:
Heraclius Constantine is the eldest son of Heraclius

Heraclius was Emperor from 610 to 641 AD. The eldest son of Heraclius the Elder, he was possibly of Armenian or Arsacid descent. He became emperor following a successful revolt against the Emperor Phocas, who he captured and executed on the spot. His reign introduced many reforms to reduce corruption from Phocas’s reign and reorganisation of the military.  Heraclius is remembered for the recovery of the True Cross from the Persians.

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